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Spent some time today adding in the latest version of the Garage module for our framework and configuring it.
It works pretty well out of the box, need to add all the individual BMW Categories to it but added a few so far and added my own car to test it out :)

I received these way way ago but only just got around to fitting them on my 520d
See the results below, I think they look v good

I am going to get some more made up and they will be free to the first X amount of members who request them

More info to follow

Urban Graffix https://www.facebook.com/UrbanGraffix?fref=ts & http://www.urbangraffix.co.uk/ have been liaising with us for the last few weeks on a new logo design ready for the website and also to be used on our forthcoming bmw window stickers.

Happy to say we have the results now loaded on the site, we really like it as its generic enough to cover all Bimmers but at the same time is stylish

What do you guys think of the new logo ?
BMWCarforums now has the ability to share a thread created on facebook or twitter, simply check the Facebook / Twitter checkboxes and the post will be shared
As you will have seen over the last few weeks plenty has been going on under the hood of BMWCF

We are reskinning the site with a slicker more responsive setup
We are part way to adding a really slick Reviews section which will allow you to review garages, accessory suppliers and the like
We are also building a nice media gallery addon and a Free Classifieds section.

Keep checking back periodically, if you want something added to the site seen elsewhere then get in touch with me or aircool and we can try and sort it.

Building a better community framework ;)
Well spent some time over the last day or so updating our forum software to the latest and greatest version and now going through all the addons doing the same with them.

Bear with me whilst we bring the site up to scratch and then decide on a "look" ;)
Just finished adding the first page to our BMW Guides section which is a BMW Glossary of Technical Terms / Acronyms

Our Guides section has a Wiki Type interface allowing members to add guides to it as well, so if you know of any techie / mechanical guides to add then please go ahead
Obviously as a fledgling site publicity is everything , so if you are a Facebook user please "Like" us on facebook using our front page Facebook Like Button :)

We have implemented a Mailchimp newsletter addon and intend to send out Monthly email newsletters to subscribers

It will be a little bit of global BMW news alongside any new facilities / changes here on BMWCF

If you want to sign up, just go to your preferences page and choose the Newsletter option bottom left
Damn spammers had been having a field day with the site, but have changed user registration and added some plugins which should sort it, sorry about all the drug adverts ;)