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Dynavin Clones ?

Discussion in 'ICE' started by daveb, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. daveb

    daveb Administrator Staff Member

    I have been researching a replacement for my E46 330Ci standard OEM BMW head unit / cd changer.

    The built in system has a problem with the boot changer which is apparently very common and the lack of any other facilities in the head unit and the big missing ability to play mp3s means i want something more updated

    I found the Dynavin kit and it looks excellent but pricey to boot, but have now found Enco kit which looks exactly like a Dynavin but with a much more economic price tag ;)

    I have spoken with the manufacturer via Skype Chat sessions and it works out at $578 to buy a system that has practically everything I could ever want in a Car media system i.e.


    1, High-quality 7" LCD display touchscreen(800*480 piex)
    2, With Can-Bus Steering Wheel Controller.
    3, Bluetooth suppport:BT-music,phonebook display name.
    5, Built in FM/AM tuner/ with RDS
    6, With USB,Two TF slot,
    7, suppport iPod function
    8, With Bluetooth function with Phonebook display name.
    9, 4 * 60 high-power amplifier
    10,OSD language 17 kinds: English,German,French,Spanish,Dutch,Hungarian,Czech,Danish, Norwegian,Swedish,Portuguese,Italian,Finland,Roumania,Greek,Russian,Poland.
    11, Build in GPS system Double CPU: 600MHZ,RAM: 128MB
    12, Dual zone function: drive can listen to music while viewing the map.
    13, Customers themselves can change the boot LOGO SD

    I opted for SD Card with European Maps and a DVB-T MPEG2 Facility also

    Shipping is $70 by DHL

    Some reviews of it online on YouTube i.e.

    They look OEM enough so as to not to look like I want to be a CHAV or blinging up my Beemer lol

    They run Android 2.3 as well so could even play Angry Birds in your car !

    Has anyone got any comments / feedback / experience of these pieces of kit or the WINCE version B146 ?

    b046-1.jpg b046-2.jpg b046-3.jpg
  2. daveb

    daveb Administrator Staff Member

    Well i bit the bullet and ordered one of these and its been shipped via DHL Express, been tracking online and its left Hong Kong and cleared customs already so looks like i will have it before weekend.

    Once i get it will take photos, unboxing and installation notes and photos

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